About Us

Chiropractic Connection is a diverse & informative web site created by 3 extremely passionate & empowered people in Chiropractic Care. Our intention is to bring awareness to the biggest and somewhat never explored health and wellness areas both for practitioner or healthcare providers and sufferers.

Kicked off in the year 2016, we intend to publish articles routinely regarding a wide range of ideas incorporating spinal pain management advice, acupuncture, unique wellness methods, pain management, and several others. Our blog writers have a wide array of different backgrounds and skill which they intend to show to you.

Listed below, find out more background on each contributor, each of which will be a biweekly contributor to the blog. If ever you wish to contact any one of the authors, please go to the Contact Us page on the site.

Dr. Leisha Cook

Dr. Leisha Cook is a 15-year alternative health specialist residing in and near the Greater Reno Nevada Area. She completed her schooling by earning a Doctorate degree from the University of Los Angeles right around the very early 2010s & has been obsessed with all-natural health and wellness solutions since.

Dr. Paul Morgan

Dr. Paul Morgan graduated with an MD from Harvard in early 1976 where he initially studied communications. He subsequently switched over to medicine after individually looking after his ill dad & putting together restoratives making use of home natural treatments. Now, he manages 7 several health procedures where he emphasizes quality treatment & technical progressions.

Dr. Bob Berry

Dr. Bob Berry has now lined up an exceptional 45 years practicing as a chiropractor and acupuncturist. He graduated from the University of South Carolina not knowing what he would do as a job and got going on trying out various business ideas. He decided on health and relevant ideologies, where he came upon his area of specialization with chiropractor management.